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Enviro Energy Enterprises India has more than 200 million Tons of Biomass to replace fossil fuel in steam boilers and other thermal applications. Biomass is generated in different parts of country as we have varied agro climatic conditions. So far, biomass used was byproduct of Agro Processing Industries like Saw Dust, Pine Needles, Rice Husk, Groundnut Shell, Cotton Stalk, Mustard Husk, Wood Chips and Baggasse etc.. These agro residues were used mainly in industries located nearby areas.With the rapid rise in the price of fossil fuel, biomass fuel started becoming popular in industries located even at far off areas.Due to the increase on cost of conventional fuel(such as coal and gas) and the need for new energy source, more people start to focus on "green fuel” business to produce renewable, clean and eco-friendly fuels. 



To utilize the loose unused biomass, it can be briquetted to a bulk density of more than 650 kg/m3 that can be easily transported and used for small and big thermal installations. These briquettes have a calorific value of around 3500-4000 Kcal/Kg (as compared to 5000-5500 Kcal/kg of coal). 2.5 kg of briquettes can replace 1 kg of liquid petroleum gas (LPG) and 1.2kg of biomass can replace 1 kg of coal. Approximately 33 million households and institutional kitchens use LPG for cooking purposes in India. Agro-waste, forest residue and highly inflammable pine needles that cause forest fires can be used for making biomass briquettes. These briquettes can then be supplied with a smokeless biomass chulha to institutional kitchens such as cafeterias and restaurants to replace LPG. The low cost, less than half the equivalent amount of LPG, will be the main motivator for the end-users to switch to the clean energy alternative. Moreover, the replaced LPG will generate carbon credits. The process of briquetting biomass is a mature technology and is currently operational in different parts of India. The smokeless biomass for the large scale cooking uses gasification technology and can be adapted and optimized to increase the efficiency to cater to the local requirements.  Additionally, the densified biomass can be used to replace coal in local small scale industries such as brick kilns and boilers.




Low Ash content of 2-10% as compared to to 20-40% in coal.

Non polluting as it does not emit any sulphur or phosphorus fumes and fly ash.

Clean to handle and keeps the surrounding environment clean.

Availability of the fuel is better as it is usually product near the consumption centres, reducing cost of storage and space.

Cheaper than coal as it utilizes wastes and residues usually disposed off at NO or LOW cost.


We are basically engaged in manufacturing & supply of biomass based fuels briquettes to different reputed companies like Dabur India, Pepsico India, Cocacola, Insilco and Thermax in NCR (Delhi) and North India. We have tie up with other manufacturing companies for supply of bio-fuels more than 1500-2000 MT per month.